Assembly Department

Assembly Department

We have integrated our production facility into our workshops and apart from our own instruments, we also undertake small assembly with a very fast turnaround.

We provide bespoke electronic design, design development, prototypes and manufacturing.

We specialise in low volume, fast turnaround, high quality electronic solutions that add real value to our client’s products.

Our knowledge and technical expertise spans many years and we’ve worked for many sectors and gained a wealth of experience within industrial and domestic control applications.

Microcontroller based products
Such as communications and control equipment

Embedded systems design
Using microcontroller & microprocessors

High speed digital equipment

Video products, both analogue and digital

Lighting, display circuits, communications, radio electronics & remote controls

Power management systems

Analog and digital electronics
(logic systems, design, microprocessors, microcontrollers, embedded system design)

Whether hardware, software or embedded design we have enthusiasm, energy and passion to fully understand your requirements, and to quickly develop the products and solutions that will make a positive contribution to your success.

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