HDV600 Series – 4 to 25mm Optics

HDV600 Series – 4 to 25mm Optics

HDV600 Series – 1 to 30m Probes

HDV600 Series – 1 to 30m Probes

Techincal Specifications

Remarkable Images and Video
Capture clear images and video you can use to quickly find and document problems. Select optics that are ideal for your job requirements. Record nearly 15,000 images or up to 4 hours of video on an easy to transfer SD memory card.

Plus, audio annotations can be added to video clips, helping to minimize note-taking.

Optics for Every Application
Learn how different optical camera tips available with the HDV600 videoscopes satisfy varying job requirements. Decide if one or both is right for your job knowing the HDV600 Series offers different optics mated to a range of probes.

  • 640 x 480 pixel resolution
  • Macro & long focal length optic available
  • Easy to transfer SD card
  • 15,000 JPEG images
  • Up to 4 hours AVI video
  • Auto annotation

Macro (Short Focal Length) Lenses permit you to examine features and attributes that are up-close to the optical camera tip as illustrated above. For detail-intensive applications, such as turbine blade or boiler tube inspections, where up-close viewing is essential, select a macro tip with a diameter that is compatible with the width of access points or orifices available.

Long Focus Lenses permit you to see further in confined areas. These are ideal for viewing concealed areas or large, otherwise inaccessible locations where areas needing inspection may not be immediately adjacent to the optical tip.

Visually inspect inaccessible areas

Check heat exchangers, ducts and drains, weld integrity, engines and motors, storage tanks, blocked pipes and more.

High-resolution camera

Capture clear and sharp 640 x 480 resolution images and videos using the bright 5.7" LCD display.

Extensive selection of probes

Choose from lengths up to 30m, wired or wireless operation, 320° articulating camera tips, macro or long focus lenses, semi-rigid and flexible cables, etc.

Large storage capacity

Save 15,000 images and up to 4 hours of video (with optional voice annotation) on to the included SD memory card.

Quickly download images and videos

No additional software is needed to transfer files to a PC using the included USB cable, and images and videos can be viewed in any media application.

Rechargeable battery

Work uninterrupted for up to 4 hours and recharge the battery to full capacity in around 2 hours.

Rugged and durable design

Waterproof display, drop-proof to 2m, glove-friendly buttons, adjustable hand grips and 2 years warranty.

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