The Robo Transducer

The Robo Transducer ensures the engineer follows the procedures for using the ULLC2001 Ultrasonic Indicator without taking short cuts.

Engineer’s misuse of the transducer is eliminated.

The interpretation of the SAW effect signal is made extremely clear.

The Robo Transducer

A mechanical Transducer system is also available if more precision is required. The Robo Transducer eliminates any possible human influence on the ultrasonic signals transmitted and received by the ULLC2001. Definition between signals and the interpretation of the SAW effect signal is made extremely clear. It is then simple to pin point the liquid level repeatedly.

To use the Robo Transducer simply mark the cylinder with the calculate level, and apply a film of Ultrasonic Gel over the level mark. Fit the Robo Transducer lining it up with the Calculated Liquid Level and its transducer at the bottom which would be 4”/100mm below level. Tune the ULLC2001 to suit the cylinder and then simply slide the Transducer up the rails until the SAW effect signal is clearly indicated. (A full data sheet is available on request.)

The Robo Transducer system is designed to automatically fit cylinders with a diameter of 6”/150mm or more up to a flat surface. Six powerful magnet heads rotate automatically to fit the curve of the cylinder and hold the Robo Transducer in position.

The centrally mounted transducer can also be moved in and out to suit diameter changes. The Transducer moves up and down via two support rails allowing 8”/200mm of movement.

The Robo Transducer has a centre mark on its body, which is aligned with the Calculated Liquid Level. This allows 4”/100mm of movement below level and 4”/100mm above level.

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